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Divorce Archives

Signs that divorce may be imminent for Mississippi couples

Some in Mississippi might say that a marriage is successful if the couple never fights. However, a couple who never argues may actually be in a marriage that is doomed. A recent informal poll netted some interesting insights about marriage and divorce from men and women who are daily placed in the thick of the battle: lawyers.

Mississippi divorce cases may be affected by social media

One man may not have thought twice before posting details about his job and pictures of his vacation with his girlfriend on his social media page. However, the judge deciding on his request for alimony took it seriously, especially after the man had claimed to be unemployed. Many Mississippi couples going through divorce may not realize that their social media activities can seriously impact the outcome of their cases.

Mississippi couples can assist their divorce attorneys

In Mississippi, as in every state, the dissolution of a marriage can be a difficult and confusing time. People going through a divorce may not be sure how to behave or what they can do to help their case along. Every marriage is unique, and every divorce has its own complexities, but there are a few recommendations for making the process a joint effort between a person and his or her attorney.

Divorce may leave older Mississippi couples in chaos

When a Mississippi couple marries, it is likely the spouses expect to grow old together, but this does not always happen. When a marriage ends, the division of lives can be a painful process. Divorce at any age can be financially difficult, but when it occurs later in life, it can be devastating.

Domestic violence will not be grounds for divorce in Mississippi

Last month, this blog reported that the Mississippi legislature was considering adding domestic violence as a ground for ending a marriage. At that time, the measure had passed through the state's House of Representatives and was going to the state Senate for a vote ("Mississippi Senate could add another ground for divorce," March 10, 2016). Recently, it was announced that the bill did not pass.

The enforcement of a divorce settlement hinges on a signature

Some married Mississippi couples end their first marriages only to remarry each other later. This might make it easier for those couples to understand why Daniel Rosenblum, a millionaire and executive at the commodities firm ED&F Man, and Sheila Rosenblum, a former model and ballerina, married twice. The first time was in 1990, for approximately four years, after which time they got a divorce. The couple remarried sometime in 1996, but they decided to seek another divorce in 2014. 

Dealing with special occasions after a Mississippi divorce

Even as Mississippi parents end their marriages, their children will continue to bring them together for the rest of their lives. This means that they will need to find a way to spend time with their children even if it means that both parents will have to be in the same room. Therefore, parents will have to address how they will handle special occasions after the divorce.

Putting the best foot foward in a Mississippi divorce court

Sometimes, it is just not possible for a couple to negotiate their own divorce settlement. Under these circumstances, it will be necessary to go before a Mississippi judge in order to resolve the divorce issues. Putting the "best foot forward" could mean the difference between an individual getting what he or she wants or it being given to the other party.

The divorce process is full of ups and downs

Most Mississippi residents do not come to the decision to end their marriages on a whim. Regardless, even a well thought out decision can send them on an emotional roller coaster ride as the divorce process unfolds. Where it is advantageous to be able to put those emotions aside during settlement negotiations, that does not mean that the ups and downs will not happen.